ProSubs Online PLC
2 hour monthly online learning and development calls
Unlimited opportunities for nationwide collegial ProSub community connections

What do I get by joining the ProSubs
Professional Learning Community (PLC)?

The online Professional Learning Community meetings follow standard PLC guidelines with the purpose of further developing the skills of current substitute teachers.  The monthly calls are an ongoing process for ProSubs to work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students they serve.

The PLC teams will constantly engages in a cycle of learning by:
    1) Analyzing data of their effectiveness based on reflection and periodic surveys measuring current levels of                          knowledge.
    2) Setting goals for their continued learning.
    3) Learning individually and collaboratively.
    4) Implementing and adjusting practices to meet the needs of all learners and continually increase effectiveness.
    5) Try new teaching practices and discover what is working and what is not.

The PLC meetings are focused on real teaching experiences with topics selected based on participant requests or intentionally chosen to extend ProSub effectiveness. Structured breakout sessions into small groups provide collegial time to analyze, think, reflect, and assimilate new knowledge.  Each meeting has a specific product outcome and immediate relevance for any substitute teaching assignment.

The weekly online PLC meetings are completely virtual allowing substitute teachers across the nation to participate in a community and learning platform specific to their professional growth. Participant numbers in the PLC will be limited to maximize effectiveness.
Guidelines for an Effective ProSub PLC
Meeting Agenda and Purpose Clearly Stated 
In order to focus and maximize the meeting time, an agenda and purpose will be set and clearly communicated to the PLC team prior to it beginning.  The topic will have been selected and the proper process, protocol, or structure for the meeting will be established.  The agenda will be kept brief, only one or two topics or questions per 30 minutes of meeting time, and it will be shared in advance so all ProSubs can prepare for meaningful collaboration and contribution.  All meetings will start and end on time.

Questions such as the following (but not limited to) will guide agenda development:
    1) What do you we need to do during this meeting?
    2) What problem needs to be solved?
    3) What decisions need to be made?
    4) What new ideas need to be discussed?
    5) Is there a pedagogical successes or challenge to be shared? 

Meetings will be Fair and Productive
Every meeting will be a positive experience and will utilize protocols and processes to ensure all voices are heard and that discussion stays focused and productive.  Meeting norms will be set outlining clear expectations and will be used as a tool to reflect and grow our communication and collaboration skills together.  Equity and inclusivity in all discussions are a priority.

A digital “parking lot” will be provided for every meeting to put on hold any off-topic or emergent questions that are outside of the agenda or purpose of the meeting.  All questions and topics are important, they add value to the growth and development of all members, and will be addressed either during a Q&A session or privately as appropriate.

Participants will Be Present
If there is ever a time to be fully present and aware, this is it. The time you spend with the PLC community is sacred and should be respected.   You will need all of your collective mental energy to be fully present and responsive. This meeting is not meant to be a passive 'getting' of information.  Active participation is expected to fully capitalize on the learning time to quickly advance your skills, expertise, and effectiveness.  

Participants will Be Courageous
The status quo has a powerful gravitational pull, and change, even when well-intentioned and seemingly small-scale, calls for courage.  Choose to be intentional about how you will get the most learning from these meetings.  Limit your focus to the important issues on the agenda.  Demand of yourself to stay respectfully engaged.  These professional and personal expectations will fully require courage.

Who is the ProSubs Online PLC for?

Newly Certified

Quickly increase your knowledge and skills within a supportive and collaborative community of nationwide ProSubs. Gain tools and solutions successfully tried and implemented by experienced substitutes already in classrooms.
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Inexperienced ProSubs

Develop your instructional and classroom management skills.  Bring your real-life experiences, questions, challenges, and successes to the meetings to share and solve with your colleagues.

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Experienced ProSubs

Bring your experience, wisdom, and expertise to the community.  Mentor your colleagues, and build relationships.  There is always an opportunity to learn new tools, add a skill, or try an innovative idea.

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