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Chantell is the CEO and Founder of POST - Professionals of Substitute Teaching.  Her company is solely focused on and committed to developing and supporting Professional Substitute Teachers.   Whether they are dipping their toes into the career and seeking certification, already certified and rotating to a variety of schools and classrooms in temporary assignments, have accepted a long term position lasting months or an entire year, or in the process of becoming Emergency Certified as a permanent teacher, she is here to partner with them for success.

Chantell is an experienced charter and public school educator with more than 27 years of teaching, training, and administration.  She has an insatiable desire to continue growing professionally, leading her to ever new and increasingly responsible roles of leadership that allowed her to influence many students and teachers.

She has witnessed many challenges in education for students, teachers, and administrators.  They motivated her to seek out innovative answers by exploring uncharted methods as solutions.  One of those challenges has been the increasing need for quality Professional Substitute Teachers.  Clearly understanding the essential and increasingly in demand role substitutes are being called to fill,  she recognized the opportunity to once again serve the community in a unique role leading her to write the book, "I'm a Professional Substitute Teacher ... Now What?" and developing the ProSubs Skillful Teaching course and trainings.

It is Chantell's vision to mark her contribution in transforming education by preparing Professional Substitute Teachers who are innovative, creative, independent thinkers and introducing them to the amazing world of education.

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My Mission
My mission is to change the job of substitute teacher by elevating their status to Professional. I recognize the deep value of having a confident and prepared substitute fill in for a teacher when they have to be gone from their classroom.  I feel an urgency in carrying out my mission to support the growth and development of Professional Substitute Teachers. My experiences as an administrator and my heart as an educator, parent, and grandparent know schools, teachers … and students need you.

My mission was not built on being an educator alone, it is a very personal journey for me.  As a mother and grandmother I can look behind me and see the transformation and evolution of what it means to be a student.  When I was in school, technology in the classroom was non-existent.  The sit and get model with the teacher being the expert in the room, departing their wisdom for all to miraculously absorb, was normal.  When my own children started school they began to experience education differently as classrooms were starting to evolve to meet the strange and wondrous new student.  As many experienced educators lamented, 'These students just are not the same as they used to be.'  Thank goodness!  These were the ones who began questioning everything, pushing against the 'norm' of their parents schooling, and wanted to know why what they were learning was important.  Oh wow, that took us all by surprise!

Now my grandchildren are entering classrooms.  What I have noticed is how unique this technology native generation is.  They have been exposed to the WORLD from a very early age.  In fact, they were exposed at the most impressionable and malleable learning time in their entire lives - before Kindergarten.  Their brains are super absorbers for information.  In their homes they are familiar with computers, smartphones, Smart TVs, and more.  They have had access to video chatting, high defintion movies, Tik Tok, You Tube, and experiences we never imagined as students.  It has deeply shaped how they think and relate to the world.  So OF COURSE they are not the same as students used to be.

This is exactly why I am so passionate about finding, training, and building relationships with ProSubs who have these same qualities.  The ones who think differently, experience life differently, who are thinkers, questioners, and ponderers of what is important in their lives and the lives of the future.

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