Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
Q: How long does it take to complete the ProSubs Skillful Teaching course?
       A: The ProSubs Skillful Teaching course is a self-paced online program.  The 4 Modules of content total              24 hours of training that individuals can complete at their own learning pace.  There is not a time                    limit for participants to complete the coursework however, the Zoom support calls are only                              available for one year after the date of purchase.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Skillful Teaching Institute?
       A: The Skillful Teaching Institute is a 3-month personalized program.  It is structured to deliver guidance             and support to individiuals in creating classroom management routines, understanding curriculum,               and developing instructional strategies.  The Institute is an open enrollment program.  Participants                 can enter the program at any time during the year.

Q: Are districts notified when a participant completes the course or institute?
       A: Districts will only be notified when a participant completes the ProSub Skillful Teaching course or                   Skillful Teaching Institute if the district has paid for the training. 

          Districts who enroll a participant in the Skillful Teaching Institute will be provided monthly updates                to the district designated contact.  The monthly report will communicate the academic and skill                      acquisition progress of the candidate. 

Q: I’ve seen similar training like this in the past—what makes this course different?
      A: The ProSubs Skillful Teaching course stacks quality training with continued professional                                    development through ongoing, sustained support for the participants for an entire year.  The weekly            online calls will assist participants through the course and during their experiences in the classroom.            They will have access to expert guidance and collegial interactions to quickly upskill their talents,                    confidence, and effectiveness.

Q: Is this a state approved course?
      A: The ProSub Skillful Teaching course is currently accepted in Wyoming by the PTSB to meet the                         criteria of 24 hours of professional development required for Substitute Teaching certification.  

           POST is in the process of gaining additional state approvals per their requirements for substitute                   teachers.  The list of approved states will be added to this site as approval is gained.

Q: What makes this a good fit for my district as an option to train and develop substitute teachers?
Districts are overwhelmed with meeting the professional development of teachers and staff to                         provide high quality instruction for students.  Personnel resources are spread thin.  I understand, I                 have been there as a former district admininstrator and human resources director.  Districts can                     have confidence they are outsourcing the training for substitute teachers to a high caliber program               that will thoroughly prepare them for the classroom on the first assignment.

           Finding quality substitutes has historically been a struggle.  When I talk to potential candidates I                     consistently hear them say it is scary to consider going into a classroom not knowing exactly what to             do. They love kids and want to pursue substituting but are held back from the unknown, it seems                   overwhelming and daunting.  The course and institute address those fears not only in the                                 coursework but in the ongoing support calls as well.

Q: What makes this a good fit for me as an individual to become a substitute teacher?
      A: There are many good courses that provide quality instruction to prepare you as a substitute teacher.             The added benefit you will receive in the ProSubs Skillful Teaching course or SKillful Teaching                           Institute is the personal weekly interaction with experienced educators and other substitutes across             the nation for a full year. Completing the coursework is valuable in itself however, I want you to                       know that at the end of the lessons you will still have support.  You will not be left to your own                         wonderings about what to do. You can be assured that I and the POST team will be there for you. 

           At the end of the year of built in support calls there are additional options available to you to                           continue participating in your substitute teacher community.  It is important to me and the POST                   team that you never feel isolated, alone, or without resources. That is why the ProSub Skillful                           Teaching PLC exists.  You can continue your involvement with substitute teacher colleagues for as                 long as you want.  In time, you will become the experienced one and will be supporting your peers                 along the path.  That is the wonderful thing about joining and participating in a common                                   professional community.