ProSubs Skillful Teaching Course
3 Days  of in-person professional development
Access to 24 hours
 of online content

What exactly will be learned in the
ProSubs Skillful Teaching Course

In Person Training
A full day of training that focuses on Classroom Management - the #1 concern for substitute teachers
A full day of training that focuses on Instructional Strategies - effectively deliver lesson plans.
A full day of training that focuses on Profesionalism and Technology - builds professional confidence & tech skills.

The face to face training reinforces the concepts learned in the individual Modules of the ProSubs Skillful Course.  Participants receive full access to 24 hours of self-paced online content to review what was learned and access resources.  Course completion certification is provided at the end of the in-person training days.

This course is for Professional Substitute Teachers who wants to:
                          1) gain initial substitute teacher certification,
                          2) learn additional skills as a new substitute teacher or,
                          3) continue building skills as an experienced substitute teacher.

Module 1
Establishing Professionalism 

*  Standard levels of professionalism in education
* Simple practices to put in place that naturally communicate       professionalism to districts and schools
* Covers the topics of confidentiality, special populations,               board policies, and emergency situations
* What unprofessional booby traps to avoid
* How to maintain objectivity and control in any situation

Module 3
Instructional Strategies 

* Developing a teaching toolkit of over 20 instructional                        strategies that consistently work 
* Knowing what to do in individual, small group, and whole               classroom settings for the best instructional outcome
* Confidently make an instructional plan regardless of the                 quality of the lesson plans left for you
* Recognizing when learning is not taking place and knowing           what to do next

Module 2
Classroom Management

 * The typical developmental stages and behaviors of                           elementary, middle, and high school grade levels
 * How to best motivate students at each stage for optimal                 learning
 * How to gain and keep attention and engagement in every              lesson
 * What to do when students decide to ‘test’ your ability to                  manage the classroom by misbehaving
 * Recognizing when misbehavior requires discipline and how to       act on it 

Module 4
​Classroom Technology 

 * Introducing the most common technology encountered in the       classroom
 * Showcasing some quick and easy online tools anyone can              learn on their own to incorporate in the classroom
 * Sharing best practices to reduce the struggle of managing off         task student behavior while using technology during class
 * Learning best practices for how to conduct an engaging virtual       lesson. 

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A Special Message from Chantell

This short video is a special message from Chantell briefly explaining the Purpose and Overview of the course, including why she created it and wrote her book "I'm a Professional Substitute Teacher ...Now What?".  A short description of the content in each Module gives a preview of what participants will be learning.
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